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RD TECH is a startup company backed by skilled, professional engineers with a single goal of becoming the leaders in the constantly growing wireless communication systems market. Years of experience and research drives our passion to connect everything and everyone in the world. We help governments, businesses and individuals shape their view of future communication. Our engineers are developing the global communications network, bringing to life affordable, high-quality, secure, fast connections that will impact people's lives anywhere they are—on the ground, at sea or in the air.

What we offer

Our miniature robust designs can provide high bandwidth Ethernet and Serial data for size and weight applications such as remote video, remote telemetry, robotics, and other wireless control systems.


microDL-2 miniature ddl

Price upon request

   2 Serial Com ports, 1Ethernet and 2 I/O

   Supports P2P, P2M (Listening)

   Dynamic Master

   Interface through web browser

   AES 128 (256 optional)

  • Frequency 2.2-2.4GHz (Adjustable)

  • Throughput up to 10 Mbits

  • FHSS up to 250 pps

  • Error Detection 32 bits of CRC

  • Output Power up to 1 W (Adjustable)

  • Serial Interface 2 x RS232 (300bps to 921kbps)

  • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT

  • Input Voltage 9-18 VDC

  • Operational temperature -40C to +85C

  • Humidity 5-85%, non-condensing

  • Preliminary Dimensions (OEM) 72*24*54 mm


Product development

Upon request

RD TECH GROUP is your electronic projects partner of choice for bringing ideas to life or transforming prototype products into market winners. Our team is passionate about innovation with purpose. RD TECH is a full-service electronic design company and engineering consultancy providing Software and Electronic Hardware design; Electromechanical design; Production and professional consultancy advice.

We think big, we act smart... and we’re just beginning.

D-MR Mobile AD-Hoc radio

D-MR is a modern solution for creating an intelligent,
robust and safe network for various mesh type
surveillance and communication applications.
This advanced Mobile AD-Hoc Networking portable radio, with self-healing and self-forming features, provides real-time data, video and voice exchange.

Network Protocols

UDP Unicast  

UDP Multicast




Immunity and Security


Frequency Hopping


Self Forming/Healing


No Master Node

Maximum Number of Nodes 32

Unlimited Number of Hops


Frequency BAND Options [MHz]

430-470 MHz - 2200-2400 MHz 

others upon request


Ethernet 10/100 Mbps 

Integrated Serial-to-Ethernet

WiFi direct (Optional)

Bluetooth (Optional)


Data Rate - up to 20Mbps (40Mbps optional) Channel Adaptive 

Modulation - BPSK,QPSK, QAM16, QAM64

Transmission Power - up to 1W

Channel Bandwidth - up to 16 MHz 

RX Diversity Support



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Product brochure for Eastern Europe market (RU)

Product Passport


Product specifications may change upon customers request and developers wish without any public notice


miniGDT-100 Active antenna tracking system

Price upon request

Wether in the air or on the ground, reliable distant wireless communication between multiple TxRx devices in the network-free environment is one of the most important and unsolved issues. The miniGDT-100 is a dual-axis mini ground antenna terminal, capable of positioning a directional Data-Link antenna in both Azimuth and Elevation axes. The miniGDT-100 system is a lightweight, simply deployed and provides a sufficient gain with its S-Band or C-Band directional antenna to support Data-Link range up to 100km, even with a low power radio.   
The miniGDT-100 is equipped with built-in Tracking & Logic Controller (MCU) to provide progressive control modes and tracking algorithms, such as RSSI tracking, GPS pointing, Search mode and more.

  • Effective range: <100 km

  • Frequency options: C and S band options

  • Link Rate: <10 Mbps

  • Encryption: 128 bit AES (Optional)

  • Sensitivity: -90dBm @ 10 Mbps , 

  • Channel Bandwidth: 8 MHz

  • Output power: 1 W and higher

  • Position calibration: GPS, INS

  • Serial Interface: RS 232

  • Control Interface: web GUI

  • Ethernet: 10/100 BaseT

  • Mounting options: Tripod and other options possible

  • Azimuth rotation: 360° continuous

  • Elevation rotation: -15/+95 °

  • Height above ground with mast: Above 2 m

  • Temperature: -30° C to +55° C

  • Humidity: Up to 95%​

Wolf Eyes

Advanced Sniper Coordination System


In complex warfare scenarios, such as hostage-barricade situations, low-intensity conflict, and urban terrain warfare, it is crucial that a mission ends without unnecessary casualties.

Our solution is an advanced sniper C4I system, designed for a well-timed, coordinated operation, with real time data transmission for a quick an effective response to crisis scenarios.

  • Team coordination system, up to 10 team members

  • Based on Infrastructure-free, ad-hoc mobile mesh networking technology  The commander controls wide deployment zone and receiving up to 6 video

  • Commander can zoom to each video camera channel “Lock-Unlock” Indication

  • Real time data exchange between commander and snipers  

  • Private and group voice and text chats

  • Fast positioning of entire team, based on GPS


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